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Guy Tinsley

I’m Guy Tinsley, I am the owner of Wiseguys Ink. I have been running my own studio since 2008 but started tattooing in 1996.

In that time I have worked several different places and done conventions world wide, and picked up a few awards for my work along the way.

Over the years I have done pretty much every style of tattooing. I enjoy working with my customers to make their ideas come to life, I enjoy working in colour or black and grey, I am more than happy to work in most styles from realistic tattoos or portraits or comic book/ graphic novel style art, pinups to bio mechanical, Japanese to graffiti. If you have an idea and are happy to let me take it to the next step I’m happy to work with it.

My aim is to keep pushing my ability both in tattooing and art in general, I hope you enjoy looking through the site and that we can provide you with something even if its just inspiration.

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