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Westley Hobson Smith

Having drawn from an early age I’ve always dreamed of having some kind of creative career that allowed me to utilise my love of comic books,graffiti and art. Falling in love with tattoos shortly after leaving school I soon became obsessed with them, not just as a body adornment but also as a creative process.

I started assisting Guy at Conventions a few years ago and quickly became friends with other artists, met some of the tattooists I admired and managed to get work done by them – this obviously didn’t damped my obsession.
I was given the opportunity by Guy in 2014 to undertake an apprenticeship to try and pick up the skills necessary to put on a nice tattoo, and so far I’ve been really lucky in that people have donated their flesh to help me get closer to where I’d like to be, I’m hoping that generosity continues. I’d like to tattoo more graffiti and comic book related stuff but also have a huge liking for dot work and geometric inspired art.

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