Booking in with us..

Since Covid came along and messed with the world, we’ve had to change the way we work slightly.

In order to help customers stay safe and minimise risk, we have implemented an appointment only system.

So if you would like to get tattooed please feel free to contact the team via email or social media and we will do our best to find you a spot for a quick consultation about your ideas, and then we can look to find you a space to start the tattoo.
We will be keeping this system even after Covid has stopped being a problem as we find it helps us manage our time better and we can give the customer we have our undivided attention with less disruption to the day.

Well what a year….

Over the last year we haven’t really been able to be open a great deal, hopefully the lift of lockdowns coming in April will be the last we have to deal with and we can get back to helping make you tattoo ideas become real. Please feel free to contact the studio if you would like to get booked in for a tattoo or a chat about one and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you’ve emailed and feel you’ve not received a reply please make sure you check your junk folder, once we can reopen you can always ring the studio also.

hopefully we will be able to see you guys pretty soon.

thanks Wiseguys ink

New Lockdowns

Unfortunately new government rules mean we must close again to help stop the spread of Covid, anyone who would like to arrange appointments during this time can contact us via email or Facebook or other social media, we will try our best to help you but please be patient and bare with us during these difficult times.

RE Open date..!

Following today’s news update we will be reopening the studio from the 14th July. We will be contacting customers who have appointments already booked and look forward to getting back to the job of making your beautiful tattoos..! If you’d like to book an appointment please contact us via email or social media or feel free to phone the studio next week and we can do our best to accommodate your needs.

Covid 19 further info

Currently we are still unable to open the studio for appointments in order to adhere to government wishes. Once we have information on a date we are able to operate again we will post information on all social media platforms.

We have our customers best interests at heart and have already implemented a few changes that may be necessary once we can reopen.

All customers will have to attend their appointments at the given time and will be allowed into the studio only when we are ready, once inside you will be required to hand sanitise and wear a face mask or covering for the duration of the appointment.

There will be no walk in appointments, everything will be strictly by appointment only. Keep an eye open for further info and stay safe people.

Covid 19 update

Hey people, this is a very strange time for the whole world. Unfortunately we have had to close the studio for a short while in order to try and help stop the spread of this virus. You can still contact us via email or social media if you have any questions regarding any appointments you may have, or if you would like to discuss any work that you might like doing once the world starts to normalise a little more.

Walk-in appointments available

We are always happy to have a chat and help you out with the design elements of your idea, feel free to call in anytime we are open with any ideas you might have and we will do our very best to turn them into a design you will be happy with. feeling impulsive then you can always give us a ring see if one of the artist has time available on the day to fit you in.

Friday the 13th designs available

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